Bigg Boss S7 Kannada

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Online Live Voting Result, Nominated Contestants Name List.

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Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada:

bigg boss s7 kannada

Bigg Boss S7 Kannada: It’s that time of the year when the Bigg Boss Kannada Season is on. This Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 commenced on 21 October 2019. As usual, Kiccha Sudeep, the most popular Kannada actor is the host. The Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 is being telecasted on the Colors Kannada channel every day at 9 PM. Alternatively, the followers can catch the action on Voot, a mobile platform.

The Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 will now be telecasted at 9 PM and not at 8 PM. This change in the timing is made by keeping the interest of all kinds of viewers in mind. However, the same is available on Voot for those who missed any episode. Like the previous seasons, this season too is expected to unfold a lot of drama and entertainment to viewers.

The previous season had allowed the general public to contest. However, this time around, only select celebrities were invited and 20 of them have so far entered the house. Out of the 20 contestants, 18 entered as original contestants while 2 have gone in as wild card entrants. The current season is scheduled to be held for a duration of 99 days.

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Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada Online Voting:

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Bigg Boss S7 Kannada Elimination Contestant List

Bigg Boss S7 Week 16

Bigg Boss Kannada S7 Online Voting

Viewers will save their favorite contestant from obtaining eliminated from the bigg boss house.

There are 3 ways in which (2 official, 1 unofficial) ways in which to feature your vote in bigg boss live vote poll 2019.

You can add your vote in bigg boss voting through:

  1. Voot Mobile App
  2. Voot Official Website
  3. Through our site

Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada Voting Process: 

  • Voot App –  Android
  • Voot Website –

Bigg Boss S7 Kannada Vote Using Voot:

step 1: go to

step 2: then you first sign in

step 3: after signing in, on the homepage, you will see a banner which says ‘bigg boss voting’ or something similar. Just click on it.

step 4: choose your favorite contestant.

step 5: click on ‘submit‘.

And now you have successfully added your vote in Bigg Boss S7 Kannada voting using your pc/mac.

Bigg Boss S7 Kannada Contestant Elemination List:

Shine ShettyActor, PerformerContestants (🏆Winner🏆)
Bhoomi ShettyActressContestants Top 5
PrathapActorContestants Top 5
Deepika Das ActressContestants Top 5
Vasuki VaibhavMusicianContestants Top 5
Chaitra KotturAuthor, ActressRe-Enter Evicted
Chandan AcharActorContestants Evicted
Chandana Ananthakrishna ActressContestants Evicted
Harish RajActorContestants Evicted
Kishan BelagaliDancerContestants Evicted
PriyankaActressContestants Evicted
Raju TalikoteActorContestants Evicted
Raksha Somashekhar Actress, EntrepreneurWild-CardEvicted
RJ PrithviRadio JockeyWild-CardEvicted
Sujatha Satyanarayan Radio Jockey, Actress Contestants Evicted
Jai JagadishActor, Producer, DirectorContestants Evicted
Duniya Rashmi ActressContestants Evicted
Chaitra VasudevanEmcee, VJContestants Evicted
Ravi BelagereJournalist, WriterContestants Evicted
Gurulinga SwamyAsceticContestants Evicted

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Contestant Name List

The Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada has seen 14 actors entering the house while there are 2 radio jockeys. Like season 1, this season too has seen one ascetic person being a contestant. Apart from that, 1 emcee, journalist, and musician are a part of the Bigg Boss setup this season. Like all Bigg Boss seasons, this season too is expected to be very interesting and unpredictable.

Like all the seasons, in this season viewers can save their favorite contestants through Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada voting facility. Viewers can see all Bigg Boss Season 7 details on Voot mobile application. Bigg Boss Season 7 voting results are the sole criteria to save contestants from getting eliminated from the house. Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 voting poll can be made only during open hours.

Bigg Boss Kannada s7

Bigg Boss Kannada S7 Contestant Details:

1) Bhoomi Shetty

Bhoomi Shetty is a television serial actress. Her debut serial ‘Kinnari’ was one among the widely followed serials in its time. Bhoomi Shetty is popularly known by her on-screen name ‘Mani’. Viewers can save Bhoomi Shetty by voting through Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada voting online on Voot or send SMS. Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 voting is the only to keep Bhoomi Shetty in the house.


2) Chaitra Kottur 

Chaitra Kottur is a writer cum actress. Also, she has worked as an assistant director to Yogaraj Bhat. has acted in support roles in a few movies. Before that, she has indulged herself in theatre activities and is a popular figure in the industry. Viewers can save Chaitra Kottur from getting eliminated from Bigg Boss season7 Kannada by Bigg Boss s7 Kannada voting.


3) Chandan Achar 

Chandan Achar is a sandalwood actor and is popular for his role in the movie ‘Kirik Party’. He has played the lead role in ‘Chemistry of Kariyappa’, which did not see the anticipated success. Chandan is hoping to find some ground through Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada. Viewers can save Chandan Achar from getting eliminated by Bigg Boss s7 Kannada voting.

Chandan Achar  Bigg Boss Kannada

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4) Chandana Ananthakrishna 

Chandana Ananthakrishna is an actress, singer, and classical dancer. She is popular from her role in Raja Rani serial. She made her acting debut in the year 2018. Chandana has entered the Big Boss Season 7 Kannada with a desire to gain some fame and build on it. Viewers can do Bigg Boss Kannada season 7 voting to save Chandana from exiting the season.

Chandana Anantha krishna bigg boss s7

5) Deepika Das 

Deepika Das is popular for her role in Kannada serial ‘Nagini’. She has acted in Kannada and Telugu movies. Deepika made her acting debut back in the year 2013 in the movie Mr Manmada, a Telugu movie. She is relative to Yash, a popular Kannada hero.

Deepika Das Bigg Boss Kannada

6) Harish Raj

Harish Raj is a popular Kannada actor. He is regarded as ‘jumping star’. He is famous for his role in ‘Danda Pindagalu’, a popular Kannada serial. He has acted in numerous Kannada movies and serials. Also, he has directed a few Kannada movies of late.

Harish Raj Bigg Boss Kannada

7) Kishan Belagali

Kishan Belagali is popular for winning ‘Dance Diwanne’ in the year 2018. He hails from namma Chikkamagaluru. Kishan is a dancer by profession. He spent his school days away from home and he looks to be the most comfortable contestant in the house.

Kishan Belagali Bigg Boss Kannada

8) Prathap 

Prathap is one of the most popular contestants in the Big Boss Season 7 Kannada. Prathap is widely known for his prank show ‘Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu’. He is a comedy actor and has featured in more than 50 Kannada movies. Prathap is one of the strongest contestants in Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada.

Prathap Bigg Boss Kannada

9) Priyanka

Priyanka is a Kannada serial actress. She is widely popular for her negative role in ‘Agnisakshi’ serial. She is not known for acting in any other Kannada movie or serial and is hoping to catch the eyes of directors through Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7.

Priyanka Bigg Boss Kannada

10) RJ Prithvi (wild card entry)

Prithvi is a popular radio Kannada jockey. He is known to sporting a different or weird fashion. RJ Prithvi is not restricted only to jockeying, he has also acted in a movie ‘Honey Shani’. Viewers can save RJ Prithvi from getting eliminated by Bigg Boss s7 Kannada voting.

RJ Prithvi Bigg Boss Kannnada

11) Raju Thalikote 

Raju Thalikote is a popular Kannada comedy actor. He has acted in numerous Kannada movies. He first came into light in ‘Manasaare’ movie. His North Karnataka Kannada accent is very catchy and entertaining. Viewers can do Bigg Boss s7 online voting to save Raju.

Raju Thalikote Bigg Boss Kannada

12) Raksha Somashekhar (wild card entry)

Raksha Somashekhar is entrepreneur and actress. She has featured in numerous print and video advertisements. She is an entrepreneur by profession and has found her interest in acting. Raksha made her acting debut in 2018 in ‘May 1st’ as a female lead against Jayaram Karthik.

Raksha Somashekhar Bigg Boss Kannada

13) Shine Shetty 

Shine Shetty is a popular Kannada serial actor. He first came onto the scene by playing the male lead role in ‘Lakshmi Baaramma’ serial. Shine has acted in various Kannada movies. To name a few, Gvana, Asthitva, and Yajna. He is a down to earth person and has seen both ups and downs in his short career so far.

Shine Shetty Bigg Boss Kannada

14) Vasuki Vaibhav 

Vasuki Vaibhav is a singer and composer in the sandalwood industry. He came onto the fore in the movie ‘Rama Rama Re’. He is also a lyricist and writer. Vasuki’s work in ‘Sarkari Hiriya Prarthamika Shaale’ movie released in the year 2018. Vasuki can be saved by viewers by Bigg Boss Kannada s7 voting.

Vasuki Vaibhav Bigg Boss Kannada

15) Sujatha Sathyanarayan 

Sujatha is an actress, video jockey and radio jockey. She is famous for her role in a negative role in ‘Radha Ramana’. Prior to that, she played host as a host in a Kannada TV show in Udaya channel.

Sujatha Sathyanarayan Bigg Boss Kannada

16) Jai Jagdish 

Jai Jagdish, the name is enough. He is the most popular contestant in this Kannada Bigg Boss season. Jagdish is an actor, producer, and director. He has acted as the hero in numerous Kannada movies. He has acted in more than 300 Kannada movies in lead and support roles.

Jai Jagdish Bigg Boss Kannada

17) Duniya Rashmi 

Duniya Rashmi broke into the scene in the year 2007 when she played a lead role in ‘Duniya’ movie. Unfortunately, her career didn’t take off since then and disappeared from the silver screen. Now, she is hoping to start her second innings and is hopeful of Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada providing her the right openings.

Duniya Rashmi Bigg Boss Kannada

18) Chaitra Vasudevan 

Chaitra Vasudevan is an actress, video jockey, and emcee. She has anchored in several events and has played host in numerous programs. Chaitra has acted in ‘Pailwan’ movie in which Sudeep has played the role.

Chaitra Vasudevan Bigg Boss Kannada

19) Ravi Belagere 

Ravi Belagere is one of the most popular and controversial journalists. He runs ‘Hi Bangalore’ and ‘O Manase’ magazines. Ravi is responsible for bringing popularity to the media and press sector. He has a wide fan following. He has also acted in several Kannada movies.

Ravi Belagere Bigg Boss Kannada

20) Gurulinga Swamy

Gurulinga Swamy is a saint hailing from Haveri, Karnataka. The appearance of Gurulinga Swamy in Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada has come as a surprise.

Gurulinga Swamy Bigg Boss Kannada

All in all, Bigg Boss Season 7 Kannada looks promising as the house is being filled with famous personalities. Viewers can save their favourite contestants by voting.

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